Threats and Solutions

Wild cats need three things to survive and thrive: safe space, plentiful prey and connection to other cats. Each day, wild cats face the dire threats of poaching, the illegal wildlife trade, human-cat conflict and habitat loss.

Panthera, our partners and our supporters are giving critically threatened cat populations a new chance at life. Panthera's programs are guided by the rigorous monitoring of wild cats, their prey and the most urgent threats to their survival.

On this page, you can learn more about those threats, how Panthera is making an impact and what you can do to help. To ensure a future filled with wild cats, we invite you to join our movement to protect and coexist with these iconic species.

We can Coexist

Human-cat conflict is one of the gravest threats facing wild cats, big and small. Panthera implements a variety of collaborative solutions alongside partners worldwide to create a world where humans and wildlife share landscapes with minimal risk to both people and wildlife.

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Scientist and police holding tiger skin
© Sebastian Kennerknect

The Threat: Poaching

Panthera is helping to mitigate poaching, one of the biggest threats to wild cats. Learn more about our approach to ending cruel poaching tactics and how you can help.

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Apprehended men captured and in jail for selling tiger skin
© 2011 Steve Winter

The Threat: The Illegal Wildlife Trade

The Illegal Wildlife Trade is a multi-billion-dollar market that is devastating wild cat populations. Join us to dismantle this malicious market.

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Sao Bento night enclosure with an electric fence preventing jaguar attacks on a vulnerable group of just-weaned calves.
© Panthera

The Threat: Human-Cat Conflict

Living alongside large carnivores like jaguars and pumas can be challenging, but coexistence is possible. Learn more about our proven model for success.

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Young male puma crossing a public road.
© Nick Garbutt

The Threat: Habitat Loss and Fragmentation

For wild cats, habitat disruption can lead to starvation, conflict with humans and genetic isolation. Help us save these wild areas, for cats and for our planet.

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Serval carrying prey
© Craig Taylor

The Threat: Prey Depletion

When wild cat prey populations are decimated by overhunting, poisoning or other threats, felines suffer the consequences. Learn more about how Panthera is addressing prey depletion in wild cat habitats.

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