Our Impact

Panthera’s work protects wild cats and their habitats around the globe while building tolerance and fostering coexistence between cats and the people who live alongside them. We rigorously monitor and evaluate our programs to ensure continued progress and success. With your support, Panthera and our partners have measurably stopped or reversed cat decline at sites around the globe. Our groundbreaking accomplishments include:

  • Building the Tigers Forever Protocol, which has helped tiger populations rebound in key sites across India and Nepal and is turning the tide against poachers in Southeast Asia.
  • Spearheading the Jaguar Corridor Initiative to protect critical jaguar habitat across 18 countries and keep jaguar populations connected (and genetically diverse) from northern Mexico to northern Argentina.
  • Advancing wildlife technology with our revolutionary PoacherCams that helps to catch poachers in real-time.
  • Forging an extraordinary alliance between six Indigenous tribes and state and national government agencies to preserve pumas and bobcats in Washington State.
  • Formulating a comprehensive strategy to study and conserve the 33 species of small cats.

Our impact can also be measured by the growth of other local wildlife species, the economic opportunities and benefits our projects provide to local communities, the reduction of incidents of crime and wildlife part trafficking in and around protected areas and the number of people who join our movement. Protecting cats provides a host of ecosystem and community benefits, from the maintenance of key watersheds to the creation of ecosystem industry jobs.

Thanks to the dedication of Panthera’s staff and supporters, along with our science-led approach, we leave a deep and lasting paw print wherever we are.

Discover the profound impact Panthera has made for wild cats since our inception.