International Tiger Day 2022

Panthera Global Tiger Day 2022
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Saving Stripes

Across the lush jungles, snowy foothills and scorching forests of Asia, the fate of tiger stripes varies as widely as the climate. Tiger populations are rebounding in protected areas in the forested Western Ghats of India, the Nepalese Himalayan foothills, Thailand’s rainforests and the Temperate forests of northeastern China. But across vast swathes of mainland Southeast Asia, poaching and habitat loss and fragmentation have decimated fragile tiger populations. 

To secure a viable future for tigers, Panthera is implementing a science-based, cross-cutting approach. Recent accomplishments include leading the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species™️ Assessment for tigers — which concluded that tiger numbers potentially increased 40% in seven years — and outlining a bold new vision for the next decade of tiger conservation alongside partners in the Coalition for Securing a Viable Future for the Tiger.

As a keystone species, tigers are key to our future. This International Tiger Day, please help us further tiger recovery by getting involved.

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Tiger Vision

To secure a viable future for tigers, we joined forces with our partners to build on lessons learned across all 13 tiger range countries. The Coalition for Securing a Viable Future for the Tiger was formed — an unparalleled initiative between Panthera and five leading NGOs.

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The Tiger Dialogues

The Tiger Dialogues series, hosted by WWF-India, WCS-India and Panthera, explores tiger conservation in a historical light. Throughout the series, interesting insights on the past, present and future of tiger conservation will be shared.

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Make the Tiger Promise

When you make the Tiger Promise, you commit to learning more about these incredible species, share what you learn with others and strive daily to help protect them.