This Year's Top Five Tiger Blogs!

By Ross Rosenthal
Marketing and Communications Specialist

Tiger walking

International Tiger Day is here! To celebrate, we’re recapping our top 5 tiger blogs of the year! Learn more below about the exciting ways Panthera is helping these majestic big cats, as well as some stories from our scientists! 

Tiger drinking

1. Pledge the Tiger Promise in 2022 

2022 is the Year of the Tiger! We kicked off the Year of the Tiger in this blog, where we asked you, our supporters, to commit yourselves to tiger conservation. And you all responded, making this the most popular tiger blog of the year! Read the blog to learn about the myriad of ways you can support wild tigers.


2. A Dance of Death: Tigers and Bears Battle in Northeast Asia 

The title really says it all. Our second-most popular blog situates you in snowy Northeast Asia with our Tiger Program Director Dr. John Goodrich. Walk with him through the forests as he comes across a strange sight — a bear that has been killed by a tiger.

Tiger India

3. Ending Endangerment: Wild Cats on Endangered Species Day 

We know this blog isn’t specifically about tigers, but it’s still great. Of course, it prominently features tigers, who are classified as Endangered by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), with the Malayan, Indochinese and Sumatran subspecies all being Critically Endangered. You’ll also learn a thing or two about flat-headed cats and Andean cats, among others.

Tiger camera trap
©Assam Forest Dept/Aaranyak/Panthera

4. Continuing the Tiger Promise 

After we introduced the Tiger Promise, it was time to double down. We drew strength from the movement we started to protect wild tigers, expanding our reach and drive. You can print certificates from this blog to use on social media to show your support for wild tigers. Also, learn about the Global Tiger Initiative and Global Tiger Recovery Program, a partnership between Panthera and five other NGOs — IUCN, WWF, WCS, Fauna & Flora International and TRAFFIC — coming together to save tigers.

Tiger cub running

 5. Stripes of Hope: Cautious Optimism for Tigers in Recent IUCN Update 

Our fifth-most popular comes from just last week! You may have heard that the IUCN released new findings on global tiger numbers, showing a positive trend over time. Read this blog to learn why Dr. John Goodrich is cautiously optimistic for the first time in a long time, and why this news may lead to a “Vulnerable” listing for tigers in the future. 

Thank you for all you’ve done to read our blogs and protect tigers since the year began. We’ll be bringing you more tiger content as the year rolls along. Until then, make sure you continue to make the Tiger Promise and dedicate yourself to wild cats. Please consider donating to protect all wild cats during this important year.

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