The Small Cat Spotlight Collection

By Panthera


You may already be familiar with bobcats and lynx, but did you know there are 33 species of small wild cats in the world? In our Small Cat Spotlight blog series, we’re working on chronicling the biology, ecology and conservation goals of these unique, critically important species. So far, we’ve spotlighted six of the world’s small wild cats. Although some are more well-known than others, all are equally important to the ecosystems they inhabit. 



Did you know that jaguarundis have been known to catch fish? They are some of the most secretive small cats in the jungles of Central and South America — so don’t miss this rare glimpse into their ecology and biology.

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Ranging across much of Central and South America, this cat is vital to the ecosystems it inhabits and is a staple of Panthera’s research in the Americas. In Costa Rica and Brazil, we’ve recently conducted studies on this small cat. Read more about ocelots — and how we can protect them — in this blog.

Flat-headed cat
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Flat-Headed Cats 

One of the world’s most endangered cats, flat-headed cats inhabit the jungles of Asia. A cat with eyes that are unusually close together, read this blog to uncover details about its secretive forest life. Flat-headed cats are just one of the five wild cat species we study in Borneo. Learn more here.



In Africa, you’ll find one of the larger species of small cats — the serval. In this eye-opening piece, learn more about this cat, which can jump up to 2 meters in the air to catch birds.

Fishing cat
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Fishing Cats 

Fishing cats are one of the most prominent small cats in our worldwide conservation efforts. As we collar and track them in Thailand, we hope to learn more about how to best able to protect them from habitat fragmentation. In this blog, see what we already know about this small cat species — dive in!

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If you live in North America, you may have seen this widespread species in your own backyard. Bobcats, while much smaller than their puma cousins, inhabit an expansive range alongside this big cat species in Canada, the United States and Mexico. Learn more about its ecological role and threats to the species, including poison, in our most recent small cat spotlight

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