We Can Coexist

We Can Coexist

As humans continue to come into closer proximity with wild landscapes due to development, we must learn to live alongside wildlife. Living next to powerful carnivores like wild cats comes with real challenges, especially for farmers and ranchers who fear for the safety of their livestock — and their livelihoods. But at Panthera, we know that #WeCanCoexist with wild cats. Our goal is to help create a sustainable state where humans and wildlife share landscapes with minimal risk to both people and wildlife. Across the world, we put this guiding principle into action, often with great success, to foster coexistence between wild cats and human communities.

Coexistence in Action

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2,100+ Students educated about the importance of coexistence at the Jaguar School, La Escuela Jaguar, in Brazil.

African Lion
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2 permanent enclosures constructed in the areas most targeted by lions in the Zambia’s Mulobezi Game Management Area, resulting in no lion or livestock deaths.

Farmers implementing Anti-predatory fencing
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Pumas and Jaguars

120+ Costa Rican farms outfitted with wild-cat proof fences and other anti-predation tools.

Where We Help Foster Coexistence

Wild Cats and Coexistence Video Playlist

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