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Wild Cat Species

— Puma
— Bobcat
— Canadian lynx
— Ocelot

In the United States we study and protect our iconic big cat - the puma - as well as it’s smaller cousin, the bobcat. Previously, our field work was based in the southern Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem in and around Jackson Hole, Wyoming, where, in collaboration with Craighead Beringia South, Panthera’s Teton Cougar Project focused on collecting comprehensive data about the behavior and ecology of pumas over a 17-year period, simultaneous with wolf recolonization. Using satellite-GPS collars, motion-triggered cameras, and other novel research methods, our scientists tracked puma movements, recorded new behaviors in the wild, identified dens, and monitored kittens from an early age. Our bobcat research currently focuses primarily on New York State, where we are initiating a long-term bobcat study in late 2021 and we have plans to mitigate human-cat conflict in California.

Washington: The Olympic Cougar Project

The Olympic Cougar Project represents an important and exciting partnership between Panthera and six indigenous tribes, led by the Lower Elwha Klallam Tribe, to study and protect pumas in the dense coniferous forests, glacier-clad mountains and rugged coastlines of Washington’s stunning Olympic Peninsula. Pumas, also called cougars locally, have lower genetic diversity on the Peninsula than in other areas of the state. Together we are establishing additional partnerships to continue towards our goal of increasing connectivity and genetic viability of these big cats.

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California: Bay Area Carnivore-Livestock Interactions Project

The Bay Area Carnivore-Livestock Interactions Project is a Panthera-led collaborative partnership with CSU Fort Collins, the Midpeninsula Regional Open Space District, UC Cooperative Extension, UC Santa Cruz, UC Berkeley, and others. Developed through extensive conversations with livestock producers in California’s Central Coast, this research and extension project is designed to find ways of reducing puma and coyote predation on livestock. The results from this effort will be used to design local livestock and wildlife management policies, and to develop effective tools for preventing livestock-carnivore conflict more broadly.

New York: Millfarm Bobcat Project

The New York Millfarm Bobcat Project is located in Columbia County, New York and is partnered with the Columbia Land Conservancy and over 15 local landowners. The project aims to understand bobcat ecology in an eastern rural landscape and use this information to develop a replicable monitoring protocol to inform bobcat management plans in New York State and other States along the eastern coast.

Montana: Applied Science and Conservation Genetics

Panthera staff based in Missoula, Montana work alongside the University of Montana. As part of the Applied Science Program, our scientists use genetics, GIS and other cutting-edge technology to understand the intricacies of wild cat biology and ecology.

Panthera staff members Safely putting a Satellite GPS collar on a bobcat in Washington State
©Mark Elbroch/Panthera



Puma Program
Mark Elbroch, Ph.D., Director

Small Cats Program
Wai-Ming Wong, Ph.D., Director

Applied Science
Hugh Robinson, Ph.D., Director

Conservation Genetics
Byron Weckworth, Ph.D., Director


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Field Staff: Puma Program

Mark Elbroch, Ph.D.

Director, Puma Program Director, Puma Program

Andrew Stratton

Senior Field Technician, Olympic Cougar Project

Caitlin Kupar

Project Coordinator, Olympic Cougar Project

Veronica Yovovich, Ph.D.

Conservation Scientist and PI, Bay Area Carnivore-Livestock Interactions Project

Read Barbee

Field Technician, Olympic Cougar Project

Omar Ohrens, Ph.D.

Conservation Scientist, Range-wide Assessment and Co-PI, Patagonia Puma-Livestock Coexistence Project (Chile)

Nicolás Lagos

Conservation Scientist and Project Coordinator, Patagonia Puma-Livestock Coexistence Project (Chile)

Clara Jessup

Field Technician, Bay Area Carnivore-Livestock Interactions Project

Kurt Zias

Field Technician, Olympic Cougar Project

Oliver Hubbard

Field Technician, Olympic Cougar Project

Mauricio Montt

Field Technician, Patagonia Puma-Livestock Coexistence Project (Chile)

Field Staff: Small Cats Program

Wai-Ming Wong, Ph.D.

Director, Small Cat Program

Laurel Serieys, Ph.D.

Conservation Scientist, Bobcat

Applied Science Staff

Hugh Robinson, Ph.D.

Director, Applied Science

Rana Bayrakcismith

Conservation Program Manager, North America

Jamie Robertson

GIS Specialist/Cartographer

Allison Devlin, Ph.D.

Post-Doctoral Researcher

Kris Everatt, Ph.D.

Principal Investigator

Sara Williams, Ph.D.

Conservation Scientist Quantitative Ecologist

Conservation Genetics Staff

Byron Weckworth, Ph.D.

Director, Conservation Genetics

Imogene Cancellare, Ph.D.

Program Coordinator, Conservation Genetics

Salisa Rabinowitz

Conservation Scientist, Conservation Genetics

Finance Staff

Kevin McNulty

Chief Financial Officer

Jennifer Hill


Jane Kucar

Financial Planning & Analysis Manager

Hisham Fahim


Human Resources Staff

Carolyn Gibson

Senior Director, Human Resources and Internal Operations

Meghann Vaughn

Human Resources Director

Ebony Irby

Human Resources Business Partner

Mechelle Staunton

Payroll Manager

Jake Elmets

Administrative Manager

Alicia M. Roda-Pearsall

Human Resources Business Partner

Megan Ross

Human Resources Generalist

Communications Staff

Angela Ambrosini

Senior Director, Strategic Communications and Public Engagement

Susie Weller Sheppard

Director, Public Relations

Kelly T. Carton

Lead Integrated Content Strategist

Danielle Garbouchian

Creative Lead

Phillip Retuta

Social Media and Campaign Lead

Ross Rosenthal

Marketing and Communications Specialist

Joseph Boccagno

Digital Marketing and Web Lead

Business Development Staff

Eric Ventura

Director, Business Development

Jennie Chaiet

Senior Manager Institutional Giving

Ninon Flamen

Development Officer

Sage Solomine

Grants Manager — US

Nicholas Arroyo

Database Coordinator

Emil Garcia

Data Entry Coordinator