How Can You Help Wild Cats?

"A lion, Panthera leo, yawning."
A lion, Panthera leo, yawning.
© Sergio Pitamitz / National Geographic Image Collection

Welcome to the community of passionate wildlife defenders! We see wild cats every day in films, on television, on athletic fields and on fashion runways, but the world doesn’t recognize the dire threats facing our favorite species. That’s where you come in. You can help spread the word about the threats facing wild cats — and how we can protect them.

Cheetah cubs hanging out in a tree

Social Media Kit

Wild cats may already be social media stars, but they need more than likes to survive. Use our social media kit to educate your communities about how we can all save wild cats.

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Four cheetah cubs sitting
© STEVE WINTER / National Geographic Image Collection

Learning Journey

Our learning journey is a fun way for young children to learn about wild cats. Download and share our learning journey materials with the cat-curious kids in your life!

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Lioness with her cubs

Youth Ambassador

Calling all future cat conservationists! Join our youth ambassador program and save wild cats by sharing on social media, creating fundraisers and educating the world about the threats they face.

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Tiger with her cub


Help raise money for our critical wild cat conservation projects.

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A group of Panthera staff in the forest

Join Our Pride

Browse our open careers and internships.

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