Be a Youth Ambassador for Wild Cats!

"A lioness greeted by the her cubs upon her return, Masai Mara, Kenya."
A lioness greeted by the her cubs upon her return, Masai Mara, Kenya.
© sergio pitamitz / National Geographic image collection

Panthera’s youth ambassadors promote Panthera’s mission by educating the youth about the importance of wild cat conservation. Youth ambassadors influence change through social media or create fundraisers in their communities to ensure a future for wild cats. 

DIY Fundraising Campaign

Start your own campaign with Panthera! Download the DIY fundraising sign-up form in the resources section below, fill it out and email it to Keep us updated so that we can answer questions and track your progress! 

To collect donations to Panthera through your campaign, you can direct donors to our online donation page, gather pledges and submit them via mail using the credit card and check donation form, or create a crowdfunding campaign on:

Bonus: Plan an Event or Start a Club

Plan a special fundraising event for Panthera! Search the web for ideas on how to make cat-themed cakes, snacks, decorations and party favors; print big cat photos for décor and invitations; and hand out our cat fact sheets or screen our YouTube videos to educate your guests. You can also organize runs, walks, hikes and other activities to fundraise for Panthera.

Download Cat Facts

Want to learn more about cats? Get the facts and share them with your donors, guests and friends.