World Lion Day

World Lion Day

Give Monthly

If you want to ensure lions have a stable future, monthly giving is your most impactful option. But if you’re not ready to commit, consider an urgent one-time gift instead. There are 240 West African lions — and 24,000 lions across the continent — who will be positively impacted by your support.

Let Lions Live

World Lion Day aims to raise awareness about the plight of lions and gather support for their conservation. With only approximately 24,000 wild lions left in Africa, Panthera is protecting lions by increasing connectivity between their habitats and improving coexistence with the communities who live alongside them.

Saving Senegal's Last Lions

In May 2022, Panthera announced it had fitted six lions with GPS collars — the first-ever in Senegal. Using this new GPS data, Panthera is developing an action plan built on information collected on lion density, habitat use, the structure of lion prides and their hunting patterns.

At the core of this project is Mouhamadou Mody Ndiaye, a Technical Assistant. A native to Senegal, he spends his days collecting vital information on these lions. These photos offer a glimpse into his day-to-day responsibilities.

First, Let's Find Some Lions!

Technical Assistant Standing on Landcruiser Roof with Antenna
Senegal Technical Assistant Mouhamadou Mody Ndiaye Uses a handheld antenna to identify the exact location of lions

Next, We Snap Some Photos of the King of the Jungle

A Senegal lion sitting in tall grass
Mouhamadou then tracks down "this beautiful and majestic lion." He takes some photos and records information about his location.
© Mouhamadou Mody Ndiaye

Finally, We Ask — What's Next on the Lion's Menu?

Common antelopes in Senegal
Mouhamadou also monitors populations of prey species, including common antelope.
© Mouhamadou Mody Ndiaye

In honor of World Lion Day, learn more about the threats facing lions and how Panthera is responding.

The Living with Big Cats Initiative

Female lion and cub in Kenya
© Sergio Pitamitz/National Geographic Image Collection

In June 2022, Panthera and WWF launched the Living with Big Cats Initiative to protect wild cats, their habitats and the communities who live alongside them. The Initiative will center on three species: the lion, jaguar and snow leopard — chosen for their strong recovery potential. The expertise of our two leading wild cat conservation organizations will be employed to assess, recover, connect and sustain wild cat populations and their habitats. Learn more.

Tracing the Origins of Gabon's Last Lion

World Lion Day is a day to dedicate ourselves to conserving a cat whose numbers have been declining in Africa. One such place where that has occurred is the country of Gabon. In the forest-savanna complex of Plateaux Batéké National Park in the country’s southeast, leopards, gorillas, chimpanzees, forest elephants and African golden cats roam. But there remains a carnivore species even bigger than leopards in this area — the lion. 

In 2015, a male lion was captured on a camera trap in Gabon. He is believed to be the last lion in the country. Watch this video to learn about how Panthera scientists got right to work, studying this lion and which lions elsewhere in Africa may be best suited for reintroduction into the Central African country: