Two lions — one with speech bubble saying What the Feline?
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Big or small — We’re Cat People.

“What the Feline?” is a video series delving into challenging conservation topics. Join us as we explore the world of wild cats and the critical issues they face.

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#WhatTheFeline Video Series

Souvenir Shopping: How to Play it Safe and Identify Wild Cat Parts in Products

Find out how to tell if a product contains parts sourced from wild cats. This video sheds light on the challenges wild cats encounter due to the illegal wildlife trade, empowering you to make reasonable purchasing choices.

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Paws and Effect: When a Wild Cat Is Poached

When a wild cat is poached, it creates a chain reaction that causes severe damage to ecosystems. Explore the devastating consequences poaching has not only on feline populations but also on the entire planet.

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What The Feline Video #3

Video #3: Premieres August 5

Should I Stay or Should I Go? Wild Cats Are Not Pets

Curious if a big cat facility you intend to visit is an accredited, conservation-focused zoo? This video delves into the distinctions between accredited zoos and trendy, social media-driven exhibitions that exploit wild cats, helping you make an informed choice. Ultimately, wildlife belongs in their natural habitats!