Zoo Partnerships

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Zoos play a vital role in the conservation of wildlife. Dr. Alan Rabinowitz, Panthera’s CEO, first discovered his passion for big cats as a young boy when visiting the Bronx Zoo. Panthera works with zoos to educate the public about wild cats and their conservation. Zoos also conceive, guide and support some of our most essential programs.

Buffalo Zoo

As the third-oldest zoo in the United States, the Zoological Society of Buffalo cares for various big cats, including African lions, Amur tigers and snow leopards, and educates the public on the value of predators. The Buffalo Zoo partners with Panthera to support our global conservation efforts.

Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden

The Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden creates adventure, conveys knowledge, conserves nature and serves the community by inspiring visitors through daily wildlife. Panthera and the Cincinnati Zoo collaborate to support Panthera’s wild tiger conservation work throughout Asia.

Detroit Zoological Society

The Detroit Zoological Society exemplifies leadership in wildlife conservation and inspires stewardship for nature through science and education. The Detroit Zoological Society has partnered with Panthera to protect tigers across Asia.

Greater Vancouver Zoo

The Greater Vancouver Zoo is successful in engaging its community in support of its conservationist mission. The Greater Vancouver Zoo has partnered with Panthera to support cheetah conservation throughout Africa.

Naples Zoo

Naples Zoo at Caribbean Gardens is a nonprofit charitable organization that cares for rare species both in and beyond the wild through conservation and education programs that create a better future for people and wildlife. Panthera and Naples Zoo collaborate to support Panthera’s Furs for Life Leopard Project in South Africa.

North Carolina Zoo

Through conservation, education and research, the North Carolina Zoo encourages respect for wildlife. The North Carolina Zoo has aided Panthera’s work to safeguard lion populations in Africa.

Woodland Park Zoo

Woodland Park Zoo saves animals and their habitats through conservation leadership and engaging experiences, inspiring people to learn, care and act. Panthera and the Woodland Park Zoo are collaborating to conserve the Malayan tiger subspecies within the crucial but threatened central forests of Malaysia.

Zoo New England

Zoo New England’s mission is to inspire people to protect and sustain the natural world for future generations by creating fun and engaging experiences that integrate wildlife and conservation programs, research and education. Panthera and Zoo New England collaborate to support Panthera’s Jaguar Corridor Initiative, which preserves the jaguar’s genetic integrity and future by connecting and protecting core populations from Mexico to Argentina.

Association Beauval Nature

Created in 2009, Beauval Nature implements, develops and supports conservation actions to preserve global biodiversity, as well as research programs to increase knowledge of species and thus protect them effectively.

Beauval Nature is involved in 50 conservation actions all over the world. Some of the supported programs include protection of white-footed tamarins in Colombia, conservation of western lowland gorillas in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Gabon, preservation of hornbills in Malaysia and the search for the saola in Laos.

Beauval Nature considers research to be an important mission. The association is involved in more than 30 research projects and manages several directly, including the only world-wild elephant semen bank.

Beauval Nature is mainly financed by donations from other zoo institutions, companies and ZooParc de Beauval visitors.

Association Boissière-Mervent Conservation

ABMC supports Panthera’s Furs for Life initiative.

Association CERZA Conservation

CERZA Zoo, through its conservation association CERZA Conservation, encourages the study of threatened wildlife, the habitat and species protection and the education of local communities. CERZA Zoo is also engaging its community in conservation tasks. CERZA Zoo, through CERZA conservation, is supporting Panthera’s Lion and other key wildlife protection programs in Niokolo Koba, Senegal. 

Association Française des Parcs Zoologiques 

Founded in 1969, the French Association of Zoological Parks (AFdPZ) federates about a hundred zoological parks in France. Its mission is to create a network of French zoological parks with expertise on wildlife, and to ensure their representation before supervisory authorities and international organizations. Its members are committed to comply with its code of ethics and must be zoos that are working for animal welfare and fulfilling their legal missions on biodiversity conservation, public education and scientific research. AFdPZ also manages its own in situ conservation fund. The AFdPZ supports Panthera’s lion restoration project on the Batéké Plateau in Gabon. 

Bellewaerde Zoo

Bellewaerde is an official zoo acknowledged by the Belgian government. The park is also a full member of EAZA (European Association for Zoos and Aquaria). In collaboration with EAZA, Bellewaerde chooses to participate in some European Endangered Species Programs. This way, the park wants to play an important role in the conservation of endangered species like European bison and Amur leopards.  

The lion is the mascot of Bellewaerde, and therefore an icon for the park. Bellewaerde finds it crucial to accordingly support Panthera so we can join forces to protect this animal.  

Bellewaerde is supporting Panthera’s Lion and other key wildlife protection programs in Niokolo Koba, Senegal. 


EcoZonia is supporting Panthera’s Lion and other key wildlife protection programs in Niokolo Koba, Senegal.

Loro Parque Foundacíon

Loro Parque Foundacíon has been working since 1994 for animal welfare and biodiversity conservation. Their staff do this primarily from headquarters in Tenerife, Canary Islands, but also manage to be present in many other parts of the planet, thanks to the stable collaboration of colleague entities in which they have found the perfect company to reach local communities where some truly endangered species are located. Loro Parque Foundacíon is supporting Panthera’s project to secure wildlife populations around Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe.

Réserve Africaine de Sigean 

Réserve Africaine de Sigean is supporting Panthera’s Lion and other key wildlife protection program in Niokolo Koba, Senegal. 

Société d’Encouragement pour la Conservation des Animaux Sauvages (SECAS)

SECAS supports Panthera’s tiger conservation project particularly our tiger program in Malaysia.

Parcs Zoologiques Lumigny

The "Parcs Zoologiques Lumigny" including "Parc des Félins" is a breeding center dedicated to the felid family. Totally dedicated to education and conservation, Parc des Félins houses the largest collection of wildcats in the world, in the largest enclosures ever built for these animals in captivity, and is one of the world's leading institution in wildcat breeding. The park invites its visitors to learn to observe the animals at their natural rhythm, without any shows or activities that interfere with the expression of their natural behavior. 

Parcs Zoologiques Lumigny supports Panthera’s lion conservation program in Niokolo Koba, Senegal, and Tiger conservation program in Western Forest Complex, Thailand.

Kolmården Foundation

Kolmården Foundation was initiated by Kolmården Wildlife Park in 2000 with the purpose of supporting wildlife conservation work, both international and national. Situated in Sweden, the foundation is a non-profit organization that, as of 2023, supports 16 conservation programs around the world covering a range of different species. For example, the foundation supports Panthera and their conservation project of lions in Senegal.