Panthera Canada

Wild Cat Species

— Bobcat
— Canadian lynx
— Puma

Panthera Canada is a newly established office of Panthera the global leader in wild cat research and conservation. The Panthera Canada program seeks to address the most pressing conservation needs of puma — a.k.a cougar, mountain lion — (Puma concolor), Canada lynx (Lynx canadensis) and bobcat (Lynx rufus) along these species northern range in Canada and in the context of global climate change.

The program will partner with indigenous communities to use robust data and traditional knowledge to improve the conservation management of these species and the preservation of critical habitats for these wild cats, sympatric carnivores and their prey in Canada.

Panthera Canada also acts as a support role for other Panthera wild cat conservation programs globally, including Panthera Senegal.


Kristoffer Everatt, Ph.D.

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