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From the mountains of Patagonia to the floodplains of Zambia, wild cats face a multitude of challenges. Poaching, habitat loss and human-wildlife conflict threaten to drive wild cat species to the edge. These challenges may be daunting but this Giving Tuesday, we took a stand to Create Action Today for the future of wild cats tomorrow.

Your Gift Will Still Be Matched!

While Giving Tuesday has come and gone, thanks to the Ayers Wild Cat Conservation Trust, your generous gifts will continue to have twice the impact.

All donations to Panthera received between
November 22 – December 31, 2022
will be matched dollar-for-dollar.

Donate now and be the catalyst


Panthera's CATalyst campaign is inspiring cat enthusiasts of all ages to recognize and generate awareness about the inextricable link between wild cats and ecosystem health. As keystone species, wild cats are key to the health of our planet. Join our community of CATalysts who are Creating Action Today for the future of wild cats tomorrow.

Whether you choose to donate, promote Panthera on social media using our toolkit, or simply learn more about wild cats — every member of our pride can further cat protection.

Wild cats everywhere are counting on you to do your part. How will you CATalyze change?


© Steve Winter


Ecotourism is flourishing in the Pantanal, the world’s largest wetlands, thanks to the 99 jaguars spotted in 2022 alone. Not only are jaguars furthering economic activity, but also biodiversity and even the water upon which we rely. Learn More »

© Nicolás Lagos/Panthera


Pumas have the largest range of any terrestrial mammal in the Americas, across which they provide energy and nutrients via interactions with 485 species of birds, plants, insects and other mammals. Learn More »

© Sebastian Kennerknecht


Bobcats primarily subsist on small prey like rodents, which controls rodent populations and limits the spread of disease. But when bobcats consumed rodents exposed to rodenticides, they were more than 7 times more likely to die of mange than any other source of mortality. Learn More »

Live Session

Climate change, biodiversity loss and prey depletion are just a few of the most urgent issues facing wild cats today. But as keystone species, reintroducing wild cats to an ecosystem can shape, balance and restore the entire habitat. Panthera works to re-establish the populations of three species within their native ranges — Arabian leopards, lions and jaguars.

On Tuesday, November 22, Panthera president and CEO Dr. Fred Launay hosted a live fireside chat with some of Panthera’s leading scientists.

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I'm supporting Panthera in their CATalyst campaign to raise money to help protect threatened wild cats around the globe. Donations are matched. Help me catalyze change for tigers, jaguars and more: #BeTheCATalyst @pantheracats

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  • I'm part of the pride that's Creating Action Today for wild cats. I am CATalyzing change by donating to Panthera on Giving Tuesday to help protect wild cats. Join us! Donations are matched. #BeTheCatalyst #GivingTuesday @pantheracats
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  • Panthera is CATalyzing change, Creating Action Today, for the 40 species of wild cats. Help me start a chain reaction by donating on Giving Tuesday. All gifts will be matched. #BeTheCatalyst #GivingTuesday @pantheracats
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  • I'm Creating Action Today and CATalyzing change for wild cats by donating to Panthera, an organization dedicated to wild cats. Will you join us this Giving Tuesday? All gifts are matched. #BeTheCatalyst #GivingTuesday @pantheracats
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  • Wild cats flourish when we Create Action Today. I'm donating to Panthera on Giving Tuesday to be a CATalyst for change. Join me in protecting wild cats. All gifts are matched. #BeTheCatalyst #GivingTuesday @pantheracats
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  • Join the Panthera pride and Create Action Today for wild cats by donating to wild cats for Giving Tuesday. All gifts will be matched, so we can all be CATalysts! #BeTheCatalyst #GivingTuesday @pantheracats
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