On World Ranger Day, Inspiration

By Panthera


Every day, wildlife rangers around the world put their safety on the line to help wild cats. Whether in the forest, swamps or mountains, these brave people work tirelessly towards a singular goal — protecting the world’s creatures and wild places. 

Let’s journey to the jungles of Latin America for a snapshot into the life of a ranger. The forests of Guatemala house five wild cat species — jaguars, pumas, margays, ocelots and jaguarundis. But these species are under threat. They need people who are committed to working to protect them. 

That’s where rangers like Edgar Gutiérrez come in. Since 2017, Edgar has been integral to our program in Guatemala. Over that time, he’s garnered a great deal of experience, and cultivated an idea of how important it is to preserve wild cats. His desire to see jaguars thrive in the country undergirds his drive and pushes him to be the best ranger possible.


He knows his work helps prevent poaching and habitat loss and deforestation. And around the world, we know this to be true. Panthera-led ranger patrols in Kafue National Park, Zambia have destroyed over 500 poacher camps. Our rangers in Senegal are making sure Critically Endangered West African lions can rebound. With these committed rangers on our team, there is nothing we can’t do to protect wild cats and their habitats. 

On World Ranger Day, and every day, we are grateful for Panthera rangers like Edgar. Remember the people around the world enduring the heat or the cold to protect wild cats. While they are on the ground near wild cats, you can also do your part at home. Donate to Panthera today to assist in saving wild cats.