Celebrate Earth Day with Wild Cats!

By Panthera


Earth Day is a time of rebirth and also a time to reflect. It is a day which we hail each year on April 22 to renew our promise of sanctifying, respecting and helping heal the planet which we live on and love. It is also a day on which we honor to look back on all the things that could have been done to save the Earth, and how we can learn from our mistakes to make this world a better place for years to come. 

Every living thing relies on this planet.  And every human relies on every living thing. We need plants, animals and other humans to survive. Humans are nothing without the species that surround them. Biodiversity is an integral part of Earth Day. The Earth is not the Earth without biodiversity. 

At Panthera, we call on all to recognize the diverse roles wild cats play on this amazing planet. From tigers down to oncillas, wild cats are an incisive part of our planet. Earth Day means celebrating, honoring and protecting wild cats. 

But on this Earth Day, we must recognize that these wild cats are highly threatened. Wild tiger numbers are at a mere 4,500. Cheetah numbers are only slightly more. Leopards face persecution for their skins. Small cats face danger from habitat fragmentation. 

So, on this Earth Day, renew your covenant to wild cats, while also remembering what could have been done in the past to protect them. We could have stopped tiger numbers from falling so dramatically, from losing that precious small cat habitat. The world’s creatures, monkeys, birds, elephants, whales, even the smallest insects, and, of course, wild cats are dependent on our renewal and reflection. 

This year, Panthera is showing we are #WildAtHeart as we celebrate Earth Day. This year, we are taking a stand, showcasing all the joy and balance wild cats give to this world. This year, please consider donating to Panthera to help save wild cats. 

Please donate to protect wild cats on this Earth Day.