#BeTheCATalyst on Giving Tuesday

By Panthera

Panthera CATalyst

Across the globe, wild cats and their habitats are struggling to survive. Wild cats face many challenges: habitat fragmentation, poaching, conflict with humans over livestock and many more threats. When wild cats are imperiled, so too are the living species in their ecosystems. Leopards are being poached for their fur, tigers are decimated for their body parts to be sold on the illegal wildlife market and clouded leopard habitat shrinks by the day. 

However, wild cats do not have to face these challenges alone. If we work together, we can create a future for these iconic species with whom we share our planet. If we unite, we can take action now for lions, snow leopards, jaguars and all wild cats. If we come together, we can be CATalysts, Creating Action Today for wild cats. 


This Giving Tuesday, November 29, as wild cats around the world face challenges, Panthera is showing cat enthusiasts of all ages how to be the CATalyst for wild cats. From the snowy mountains of Patagonia to the forests of Southeast Asia, we can all Create Action Today to save wild cats and the planet. With your support, anything is possible. 

After Giving Tuesday, we will share voices and actions of the next generation, building a better tomorrow. These future change-makers will act as the emphatic rallying call for change around the world. 


This Giving Tuesday and beyond, #BeTheCatalyst and Create Action today for wild cats. The challenges facing wild cats affect all of us. But we can all Create Action Today. Visit our toolkit and campaign page, follow along on social media and most importantly, please make a donation to help wild cats and their habitats flourish beginning November 22. 

Your end-of-year gift to Panthera will go even further thanks to the generous support of The Ayers Wild Cat Conservation Trust. All donations to Panthera received from November 22 to December 31, 2022, will be tax-deductible and matched dollar-for-dollar.