Wai-Ming Wong, Ph.D.

"©Sebastian Kennerknecht"Director of Small Cat Conservation Science

Dr. Wai-Ming Wong joined Panthera in 2013 as the Tiger Program Manager and now serves as the Director of Small Cat Conservation Science. In this role, Dr. Wong provides technical and analytical support to Species Directors, works directly with Panthera’s Chief Conservation Officer and scientific team on planning, management, analysis, and communications of Panthera’s field conservation activities, and manages the Grants Program.

Dr. Wong brings almost a decade’s worth of experience as a Conservation Biologist. His earliest big cat research was in Zimbabwe tracking leopards using telemetry in Matobo National Park. He then spent a year working across Thailand on the various bear and tiger-related conservation issues, before embarking on a Ph.D. at the Durrell Institute of Conservation and Ecology, University of Kent. Throughout his doctoral work, Dr. Wong was based in Kerinci Seblat National Park, a Level 1 Tiger Conservation Landscape in west-central Sumatra. As part of his research, he investigated the impacts of deforestation and agricultural expansion on large-bodied mammal populations using the sun bear as a focal species, while also managing a tiger monitoring program. Wai-Ming’s other conservation interests include human-wildlife conflict and conservation technology.

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