Tracing the Origins of Gabon's Last Lion

By Ross Rosenthal
Marketing and Communications Specialist

Gabon Lion

#WorldLionDay is today, a day to dedicate ourselves to conserving a cat whose numbers have been declining in Africa. One such place where that has occurred is the country of Gabon. In the forest-savanna complex of Plateaux Batéké National Park in the country’s southeast, leopards, gorillas, chimpanzees, forest elephants and African golden cats roam. But there remains a carnivore species even bigger than leopards in this area — the lion. 

In 2015, a male lion was captured on camera trap in Gabon. He is believed to be the last lion in the country. Watch this video to learn about how Panthera scientists got right to work, studying this lion and which lions elsewhere in Africa may be best suited for reintroduction into the Central African country:

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