Secrets of the Rainforest

By Ross Rosenthal
Marketing and Communications Specialist

Leopard walking in Gabon

The serene pattern of raindrops reverberates on a giant kapok tree while tiny droplets sift onto the shaded forest floor. Colorful macaws and playful spider monkeys frantically scurry about, seeking shelter from the gathering thunderstorm. At a distance, a jaguar remains watchful, observing the turmoil as the storm's crescendo reaches a thunderous roar. 

Approximately 1.6 billion people, a quarter of the world's population, rely on forests for subsistence, employment, and income (source: UN). Tropical rainforests, housing about half of the Earth's land species and storing 25 percent of the planet's carbon, are especially crucial to our survival (sources: Mongabay, Nature). The rainforest is the most diverse terrestrial habitat, home to an astonishing variety of flora and fauna. However, when rainforests are jeopardized, so is biodiversity. Poaching and habitat destruction have devastating consequences for the wild animals that call this home — including wild cats. 

Panthera scientists and rangers enter these green, mighty jungles in search of wild cats. In their search, they encounter the secrets of the rainforest that far and few will ever see. In Malaysia, Thailand, Gabon, and Central America, Panthera staff and partners uncover awe-inspiring species hidden within the dense vegetation. We too can be a part of this secret world of the rainforest if we appreciate their beauty and purpose. 

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Creatures of the Water, Soil and Leaves 

A fascinating creature has caught our attention! Our team of scientists captured footage of some of the most elusive and endangered rainforest animals.  👉 Share this remarkable footage and join us in our mission to educate and inspire people about the importance of protecting our precious natural world.

Dive into a Rainforest Stream

Explore the underwater world of Malaysia's forest streams, an essential artery that sustains the diverse ecosystem and part of an aquatic vein that serves as an artery for this ecosystem.

Elephants Clear a Path

Witness the awe-inspiring sight of majestic Asian elephants forging through the thick brush of Thailand's forest landscape.

Gaur Galloping Through Thailand's Trees

Marvel at the agility and power of the gaur, one of the biggest and most crucial prey species for tigers, as it bounds away from our cameras in Thailand.

Rare Black Panther Claims Its Territory in Thailand

Observe the elusive and breathtaking black panther, or melanistic leopard, marking its territory in Thailand, a vital land for a variety of wild cats facing the threat of poaching.

The Secret Lives of Elephants

Get a glimpse of playful and majestic African forest elephants frolicking in a clearing in Gabon's rainforest.

Glimpse Gabon’s Great Apes

Peer into the mysterious world of our primate cousins, chimpanzees, as they navigate through the dense rainforest thicket in Gabon.

Hidden Jungle Habitats: Spectacular Hidden Rainforest Landscapes 

Uncover the hidden diversity of the rainforest's landscapes, from the colorful canopy to the enchanting forest floor, on a remarkable journey with our field staff.

Enthralling Thailand Cave Exploration

Embark on an extraordinary adventure through the surreal and captivating beauty of a Thailand cave, full of secrets and wonder. 

Gabon's Wildlife Unveiled in Forest Clearings

Discover the wildlife that inhabit Gabon's forest clearings, where animals such as antelopes, elephants and wild pigs cannot escape the watchful eye of cameras.

Life’s a Beach

Two of the world’s most biodiverse habitats, rainforests and tropical reefs, can come close to one another where the beach meets the forest. In Jeannette Kawas National Park in Honduras, an important site for jaguar conservation, sandy beach and tropical jungle converge like something out of a postcard.

Uncovering the Understory

Immerse yourself in the lush understory of Gabon's abundant forests. Put yourself in the shoes of dedicated field staff as they navigate through the dense vegetation in search of elusive leopards. 

It’s important to appreciate and preserve the rainforest and become invested in its preservation. This will allow tigers, leopards, and jaguars to flourish, as well as the countless species that rely on them. On World Rainforest Day, we reflect on how we can make a difference to “Conserve. Restore. Regenerate.”