Panthera Holiday Guide 2023

By Panthera

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Celebrate the season by sharing the gift of wild cat conservation. When you choose a product from our trusted Panthera partners, your gift helps support wildlife conservation around the world. If you are passionate about protecting tigers, leopards, Andean cats and more, explore our list of partners this holiday season and give a wild gift to someone you love!

Panthera store

Panthera Online Store 

Want a loved one to show off their love for wild cats? Check out our new Panthera gear from our online store! Gift a loved one a branded Panthera t-shirt or hoodie. To venture out into nature, we recommend a Panthera hat, backpack, jacket, flashlight or other great products!

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Tiger Lex Reception

LEX Reception 

LEX Reception gives lawyers more time for what matters most with its dedicated legal answering service. LEX supports firms 24 hours a day, 365 days a year with reception services, real-time messaging and appointment scheduling. The team also donates 1% to wildlife nonprofits — giving more time to animals at risk of extinction. 

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Spirithoods puma hood


As recipient of the Peta Libby Award for Best Animal-Friendly Clothing Company, SpiritHoods donates to help protect endangered animals and the landscapes they inhabit with every purchase. All Authentic Spirithoods® are made with the highest quality OEKO-Tex-certified faux furs and liners. Make sure to check out Spirithoods' Black Friday Sale, which runs from Tuesday, November 21 to Wednesday, November 29. 

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Celina Chien and leopards

Honouring the Muse: A Visual Companion 

Celina Chien's debut photobook features her fine art photography and writing in celebration of leopards and their conservation. Don’t miss out — there’s a limited edition of 500 copies, each numbered and signed by Celina. 

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Our partner Neoxia helps organizations think, build and run digital and data platforms in the Cloud. Neoxia meets the needs of creative companies looking for a partner with the necessary technical expertise (Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform or Microsoft Azure) to get the best out of Cloud ecosystems.

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Jaguar lounging
©craig taylor

Mes Del Jaguar 

Each November, people across the Americas unite to honor the jaguar, a symbol of power, strength and courage across many cultures. If you share this passion for jaguars and are committed to safeguarding the vital ecosystems that sustain both jaguars and our own well-being, consider engaging with our programs in Belize, Costa Rica, Honduras, Colombia and Brazil. 

Our initiatives collaborate with local businesses to celebrate jaguars and, in turn, give back to our conservation efforts. Join us in our mission to protect jaguars and the habitats they call home. Together, we can make a difference and ensure a brighter future for both jaguars and the people who depend on these ecosystems for their survival. 

Don’t forget! November 29 is International Jaguar Day. 

Follow our Belize, Brazil, Colombia, and Costa Rica social media accounts for more.

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