Do You Know These Five Lesser-Known Small Cats?

By Ross Rosenthal
Marketing and Communications Specialist

Geoffroy's cat crouching

Did you know that there are 33 species of small cats in the world? You might know some of them off the top of your head. Clouded leopards, lynx, bobcats — these are some of the world's most iconic small cats. But there are some small cats that have rarely been studied. Additionally, many are found in remote regions of the world. It’s time to bring some of these small felines to the forefront! 


Margay in Belize

The margay is a small cat native to the Americas. Just like clouded leopards and ocelots, it can walk vertically head-down trees! 

Marbled Cat

Marbled cat

Speaking of cats that can go head-first down trees, look at this great picture of a marbled cat. This specific animal was photographed in Malaysia. 

Black-Footed Cat

Black-footed cat

This cat photographed in South Africa may look cute, but it’s actually very deadly. Black-footed cats (pictured above) have the highest successful kill rate of any wild cat! 

Geoffroy's Cat

Geoffroy's Cat

When one thinks of cats in Patagonia, they probably recall images of pumas taking down guanacos on the chilly landscape. But there’s another cat that stalks this landscape — the diminutive Geoffroy’s cat! 

Pallas's Cat

Pallas's cat

Though somewhat well-known for its funny face, there’s so much more to know about Pallas’s cat! While most think of snow leopards inhabiting the most remote regions of the world, Pallas’s cats also live in this harsh environment. Did you know they are also called the Manul? 

We hope you enjoyed seeing these lesser-known small cats. Let a friend know about these less talked about felines today! There's so much that can be done for small cat conservation. Read about our Small Cats Program to learn how you can make a difference!