Celebrating the Cats of China on International Snow Leopard Day

By Rana Bayrakcismith
Senior Program Manager, Conservation Science

Snow leopard

In honor of International Snow Leopard Day, celebrated on Sunday, October 23, we thought we’d share a remarkable series of images with our supporters of the cats of China (and some other stunning wildlife) caught on camera near Namsei Village.

As you can see, this stunning series includes photographs of snow leopards and common leopards captured by the same camera trap— two species only rarely documented coexisting!

Seldom are we fortunate enough to see so many of these species photographed so beautifully in the same location: from the notoriously elusive snow leopard, brown bear and common leopard to white-lipped deer, red fox and lynx.

To top it off, we’re also highlighting this lovely series of photos of two snow leopards, perhaps a mother with a nearly grown cub or a mating pair, resting along a ridgeline.

In this picturesque landscape of the Tibetan Plateau, our snow leopard team partners with Chinese NGO Shan Shui and the Snow Leopard Trust to train local people to become “citizen scientists”. These recruits help us monitor isolated snow leopard habitats with tools like camera trapping.

In China, Panthera’s snow leopard program also partners with the Beijing Forestry University and Wildlife Conservation Society. Together with all our partners, we are surveying snow leopard and prey populations, assessing threats to cats, their habitat and prey, and working closely with local communities to mitigate human-wildlife conflict.

Learn more about our Snow Leopard Program.