Catwalk 2022: A Global Race to Save Big Cats

By Phillip Retuta
Social Media and Campaign Lead

Group of people walking with signs and masks, celebrating
Catwalk 2022

Today is the big day: Catwalk 2022! Panthera is proud to partner with Catmosphere and co-host this annual event, on behalf of saving big cats and their habitats all around the world. Even if you haven’t registered yet, global registration is free and still open. All that is required is you walk up to 7 kilometers (or approximately 4.5 miles) to boost our collective wellbeing and raise awareness for big cats and their conservation challenges. Leopards, cheetahs, lions, tigers, pumas, jaguars and snow leopards — big cats are critical to our health and take an active role in creating secure environments on both a local and global scale. When you register, you’ll do so in the name of one of these big cat species. The species with the most participants will be declared “the winner” of Catwalk 2022. 

So why do we Catwalk and why is it so important? Big cats and their environments are in danger. Furthermore, their existence is vital not only to themselves, but to all animal species and humans. Panthera and Catmosphere are promoting awareness of these crucial species and their effect on the environment as a whole. Our relationship with big cats impacts our survival — from the way we treat and respect nature, to the other species that rely on big cats, to the methods we use to develop infrastructure and maintain livestock — saving big cats means saving the planet. Not only are we walking to save cats, we’re walking for our own emotional and physical wellbeing.  

To learn more about Catwalk and how this friendly race will help big cats, tune in to this recent livestream where Panthera interviews Sian Tichar and Malak Alkaud, the campaign and deputy campaign managers for Catwalk 2022: 

We’re also very excited to share that Google will match donations made by its employees during Catwalk. All donations will fund research, population monitoring and protection efforts around the world. Please consider making a donation here

Because Catwalk is a virtual event, anyone around the world can participate. Here are some of Panthera’s scientists, researchers and staff who will be participating in the event: 


"Panthera Honduras is walking for pumas"
Panthera Honduras is catwalking for Pumas


Drone footage of Panthera Honduras country director, ready for the catwalk


"Researcher holding sign"
Panthera Guatemala is catWalking for Jaguars

Costa Rica

"Family holding sign with jaguar cutout"
Panthera Costa Rica is catwalking for jaguars


"Women in road with traffic sign"
Panthera Costa rica is also catwalking for oncillas


"Dog paw with sign"
Tigre, Panthera's working conservation dog, is catwalking for tigers


the director of panthera's mesoamerica hub is catwalking for jaguars

United Kingdom

Panthera Belize's country director, currently in the UK, registered and would be catwalking for jaguars

United States

"Man holding sign"
panthera's database coordinator is catwalking for snow leopards


"Man holding sign"
panthera's data entry coordinator is catwalking for tigers


"Women holding signs"
Panthera's Human resources are catwalking for tigers and jaguars
Panthera's Social media and Campaign Lead and his dog are Catwalking for lions

To register and learn more about Catwalk — and how you can participate and save big cats – visit Catmosphere’s website