Andrew Loveridge, Ph.D.

Andrew Loveridge Director, Lion Program

Andrew Loveridge, Ph.D., is a conservationist born and raised in Africa with a passion for conservation of the African environment, of which lions are an iconic and potent symbol.

Under Dr. Loveridge’s leadership, Panthera will develop programs that help reverse lion declines in sites with recovery potential; maintain populations’ genetic diversity; and protect and connect priority populations via comprehensive threat mitigation.

Much of his time over the last twenty-five years has been spent running an extensive, long-term lion research and conservation program spanning 17 protected areas in three international transboundary areas critical to lion conservation. He has extensive experience in implementing, leading and managing large scale, outcome orientated conservation programs in southern Africa. As a conservation practitioner, he believes strongly in working with local people and national authorities to achieve shared long-term, conservation outcomes.

As a successful scientist and author, he has published over 150 peer reviewed articles. He is a member of the IUCN SSC Cat Specialist Group and IUCN African Lion Working Group and a contributor to IUCN SSC Panthera leo species conservation guidelines and IUCN Red List assessment.