Panthera Colombia

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About Us

Panthera Colombia is a science-based non-governmental organization seeking to ensure the future of wild cats inhabiting vast and highly biodiverse landscapes. Across South America, Panthera Colombia’s work is focused on Colombia and Perú, coordinating and implementing numerous projects encompassing two key thematic lines: Conservation Science and Conservation Action. Working alongside local communities, the private sector, governmental and non-governmental entities, we seek to support science-based conservation actions while promoting coexistence, improving communities’ livelihoods, building new capacities, and positively impacting decision-making to link key allies towards a common goal.

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Our Work

Learn about the ongoing projects and initiatives of Panthera Colombia. Get to know the diverse wild cat ranges where we work, the six wild cat species in Colombia, and our conservation efforts to protect these unique creatures. This section provides a comprehensive glimpse into our commitment to fostering a harmonious relationship between the wild cats and the community in which we operate.

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Strategic Lines of Work

Panthera is committed to implementing effective conservation actions and programs based on the best available science. In many cases, our scientists are not just utilizing conservation data — they’re creating and contributing to it. Through research, we can fill important knowledge gaps concerning wild cat ecology and conservation and assess the different threats they face across their range.

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The resources section of our website is a treasure trove of information. Whether you're seeking in-depth articles, engaging videos, or the latest press releases, this section has you covered. Explore a wide range of topics and stay informed about everything happening at Panthera Colombia. Our resources section is designed to be a hub of valuable content, offering a diverse array of materials to cater to your interests and informational needs.

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