Panthera Nicaragua

Wild Cat Species

— Jaguar

— Puma

— Ocelot

— Margay

— Jaguarundi

Priority Landscapes

— Awaltara Indigenous Territory 

Progress is being made on the new Awaltara territorial protected area in coordination with Indigenous leaders. Panthera is working in collaboration with Awaltara Territorial Government and Re: Wild to give continuity to the roadmap, with the aim of establishing a new protected area for Nicaragua. The conservation area will guarantee the security of species populations and serve as a stepping stone for the two conservation units (JCU Bosawas and JCU Indio Maíz Tortuguero) in Nicaragua. By guaranteeing this, we are guaranteeing the jaguar corridor’s existence in Nicaragua.


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A jaguar spotted on a camera trap in Nicaragua


Sandra H. Potosme



Sandra H. Potosme

Nicaragua Coordinator