Panthera Colombia

Wild Cat Species

— Jaguar

— Puma

— Jaguarundi

— Ocelot

— Margay

— Oncilla

Priority Landscapes

— A2O (Amazon to Orinoquia) Corridor
— San Lucas Jaguar Conservation Unity
      and surroundings corridors
— Amazon Jaguar Conservation Unit
     (Northern Amazon and Triple Frontier
     Colombia-Peru-Brazil Landscape)

In the Americas, Colombia is key to jaguar conservation because it is the unique link between Central and South American jaguar populations. If we lose connectivity there, jaguars will be separated forever. The Jaguar Corridor Initiative is a comprehensive and innovative strategy that aims to link jaguar populations across Latin America. In Colombia, we have been working relentlessly to implement the Initiative since 2009. Our work ranges from helping to create new protected areas to implementing model livestock ranches that reduce depredation and improve coexistence with jaguars to studying jaguars and their prey through camera trapping surveys, promoting carbon credits, and supporting jaguar-based tourism. We also work on raising awareness of jaguars and their conservation value through our Escuela Jaguar program. Through these strategies, it is possible to safeguard existing jaguar populations while supporting farmers and local communities. Thanks to our work, in addition to jaguars, we are also protecting the other five cat species of Colombia: pumas, ocelots, jaguarundis, margays and oncillas. 

Our achievements would not be possible without the solid partnerships we have established in the country with governments at different scales, the private sector, academia, local associations, and other NGOs. 

Colombia is also the hub for the South America region, supporting operations and conservation work in Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, and Suriname. 

In Bolivia, Peru, and Suriname we have been implementing innovative approaches to counter the illegal trade in wild cats and their body parts. This includes building a better understanding of the trade, increasing authorities’ capacity to counter the trade, raising awareness on laws protecting cats in each country, and advising on how to best monitor jaguar populations. For example, in Suriname, we led the development of a National Monitoring Plan for jaguars. In Bolivia we have also supported fire-fighting and thanks to our science, we identified the catscape, the single landscape in South America with eight felid species, where we hope to scale up our protection efforts. 

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